Yoga Poses For Your Summer Travel Days

Summer travel plans?

The summer travel season is in full swing. While many of us excitedly look forward to our vacation destinations, the journey with overbookings, crowded airports and long car rides can have us feeling unsettled and uncomfortable.

Have you ever noticed how your body feels after a long airplane ride or road-trip? Travel can be stressful and sitting for long periods of time can make us stiff.

Try these yoga poses to help destress your mind and your body so you can enjoy your summer destination and focus on fun.

Sweated Spinal Twist

Seated twist is one of our favorite poses to invite space back into the body and to relieve stress. Perfect for post travel or your staycation.

This restorative twist opens the chest, shoulders and back inviting spinal mobility and helps relieve lower back pain. As you releases tension in the body, you will also notice a positive effect on the mind, as this pose promotes relaxation.

There are many variations of this pose, to practice as shown: