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Salveo Yoga's Wellness Based Programs for Kids, Schools and Teachers

Reach & Teach Wellness-Based Classroom Programs

A study of the Oakland-based Mindful Schools program found that immediately after the program ended, student behavior improved significantly in all four areas measured—paying attention, self-control, classroom participation, and respect for others—and these gains were maintained seven weeks later.


Salveo Yoga is the leading provider of mindfulness and yoga-based workshops for teachers in the St. Louis metropolitan area. 


Our programs addresses many key concerns in the classroom such as:


  • Onsite Faculty Training Workshops

  • After School Enrichment Programs

  • Teacher Wellness Programs



Prior to training, we will meet with you to discuss your school's desired outcome and address any specific concerns or needs related to your students and faculty.  


Choose the program or programs that work best for you!

Onsite Faculty Training Workshops

  • Classroom management and energy redirection

  • Building confidence in the classroom and empowering students for greater success

  • Reducing anxiety and stress in the classroom

  • Kinesthetic learning

  • Conflict resolution and behavior management

  • Mindful listening

  • Creating Calming Corners and Classroom Culture

After School Enrichment Programs

  • Onsite Programs after school

  • 4-6 week sessions

  • We handle all registration and program communications

  • We handle all payments and refunds online

  • We handle all waivers

  • No additional work for the school 

  • Weekly program recap available for parents via email

Teacher Wellness Programs

  • Onsite wellness programs for teachers

  • Before or after school

  • Custom programs based on school feedback

  • Mindful movement 

  • Stress management techniques

  • Self-care techniques

  • Take home tips

  • Versatile programs for staff that have different needs

Calm is a Super Power!

We offer age-appropriate, kids yoga and mindfulness classes that are rooted in a unique approach that integrates learning and movement, using yoga as a pathway to healthy minds and strong bodies.


Our programs are designed to offer tools to support the emotional, physical and social wellbeing of a child. Students will enjoy playful-themed classes designed to spark their curiosity. Yoga movement and mindfulness techniques will be used to direct energy, build confidence, highlight inner-strength and set a positive mindset.  Positive affirmations will build self-esteem and self-confidence, while animated breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and nature will offer tools to build focus and find calm, inspiring students to make a mindful connection to the world around them.


Our programs: 


  • Build resilience

  • Focus energy in positive directions

  • Offers tools to self-regulate

  • Teach Mindfulness skills

  • Breathing tools & activities

  • Introduce Yoga and Mindful Movement

  • Promote positive self-image and self-confidence

  • Promote teamwork and connection

  • Offer tools to manage anxiety and stress

  • Promote Creativity - mindful arts, crafts, journaling

  • Integrate movement into learning


We have been offering specialized youth yoga programs in the St. Louis area for the past 10 years. Including yoga in the classroom, after-school enrichments, yoga camps, Girl Scout yoga, athletic teams and school organizations, as well as private yoga programming for kids and families. Please contact us for more information.

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