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Take A Be Well Break

Have you ever noticed that you feel better after being outside in nature and listening to the sounds around you? Enjoying the sounds of the forest like birds singing, the wind rustling through trees and water trickling down a stream brings all of our senses to life. Woodland and nature sounds have been shown to have a direct impact on our well-being, making us less stressed, less anxious and more relaxed. Soundscapes are nature's medicine. Nature makes us feel better, it calms us and makes us happy.

Take a break from your things to do list and take our Be Well Break. We have created this short, 2-minute retreat to nature to help you carve out time for self-care, to remember to breathe and to embrace the peace and calm that nature inspires.

“The earth has music for those who listen.” —George Santayana

Note: Salveo Yoga's Be Well Break is best experienced when sitting or standing at a desktop computer or laptop.

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