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Sara Clem

Salveo Fitness Founder
Principal Consultant
Business Coach

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Sara Clem has been running a successful health & wellness business for over ten years. What started as a passion for helping people de-stress through yoga, she now brings custom designed health & wellness programs to schools, parks, wellness retreats, sports teams, municipalities and one-on-one sessions with a broad range of clients. 

As many health & wellness business owners know, offering your services to clients is just one part of the overall equation. Marketing, ecommerce, schedule and event management, business analytics, customer relationship management and company communications can keep operators busy long after the classes are over. 

Sara understood early on that in order to focus on delivering the best services to her clients, she needed to develop a business operations platform that ran on its own, with the least amount of manual intervention possible. 


Using the most current tools on the market to completely integrate and automate her business operations, she has become one of the premiere health & wellness business operators in the country. She is now bringing that experience and coaching to her peers all over the country.

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Website Development

  • Custom Designed Website

  • Development & Configuration

  • Mobile Optimized & Mobile Apps

  • SEO Optimized

  • Google My Business Optimized

  • Social Media Integration

  • eCommerce, Scheduling, CRM Integration

  • Video & Blog Integration

Online Shopping

eCommerce & Event Mgt

  • Class Package Payments

  • Subscription Payments

  • Event Payments

  • Merchandise Sales

  • Bank Accounting Integration

  • Credit Card Processing

  • CRM Integration

  • Contact List Integration

Computer with Graph

Marketing & CRM

  • Social Media Consulting

  • Social Media Management

  • Ad Design

  • Ad Placement

  • CRM Configuration

  • Sales Funnels

  • Website and Operations Integration

  • Video & Blog Integration

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Operations Mgt & Communications

  • Website Mgt

  • CRM Mgt

  • Social Media Mgt

  • eCommerce Mgt

  • Integrated Business Mgt Dashboard

  • Project Management & Business Analytics

  • Accounting System Set-Up

  • Business Coaching

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