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Yoga Classes

At Salveo Yoga we believe yoga is a practice for everyone!  We offer a variety of classes and programs suitable for all levels and ages. Our classes are designed to support you, as you explore the benefits of yoga and develop your practice in a warm welcoming environment. We are an independent, one-of-a-kind St. Louis studio who has been offering a variety of yoga classes in the park and teaching our youngest yogis at local schools for the last 10 years!


Salveo translates to “Be Well” and we want to share the joy of living well with you!


Wellness Programs



Wellness Programs

Learn to Be Well with Salveo

Our roots are in wellness!


Wellness is rooted in all of our offerings, encouraging our community to think of yoga as a bridge to a healthier way of living.


We believe nature is the original remedy for stress reduction and improved happiness, reminding us we can adapt, rejuvenate and grow. This extends from our practice on the mat to a more mindful connection to our habits, lifestyle and activity choices and how they impact our overall health and well-being.


We offer a variety of nature-based wellness programs including:


Forest Bathing Walks, WOGA, Outdoor Yoga, Kids Programs, Mindfulness and Ayurveda.

Spa and Wellness
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Retreats & Workshops

Wellness comes from a lifetime of learning

Take a new path to wellness with Salveo Yoga!


Embrace wellness and living mindfully through yoga, nutrition, health, a mindful connection to nature and community. Salveo Yoga offers a variety of wellness workshops and retreat options designed to dive deeper into your practice, to renew your spirit and refresh your energy. 


Enjoy the benefits of a mini retreat at one of our local workshops or take your yoga off the beaten path as we explore a deeper connection to nature and community at one of our Salveo Retreats.


Yoga invites us to explore, let Salveo Yoga be your guide.


Be Well!

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Sara Clem
Yoga Professional
Health, Wellness & Mindfulness Consultant
E-RYT, RCYT, YACEP, Certified Shinrin - Yoku Forest Bathing

Contact info:

Sara Clem has been an advocate of yoga along with overall health & wellness for over a decade. Whether it is a session with athletes, kids, teachers in a classroom or a session in the park, Sara has explored many variations of yoga and enjoys blending different styles into a seamless program that is suited for everyone.


Additionally, Sara is bringing yoga to children of all ages. As a Certified YogaKids teacher, she feels kids are natural yogis, with their quick smiles, easy breath and openness for trying new things. She encourages children of all ages and with a variety of interests to incorporate yoga into their daily lives in order to develop mindfulness for cognitive challenges and to promote strength and healing in their physical endeavors.

Sara’s classes nourish the body and the mind. Her laid-back teaching style reflects her belief that improving one’s health should be fun, energizing and challenging.

Sara is the founder of Salveo Yoga and is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) in Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga as well as a Registered Childrens Yoga Teacher (RCYT) through the Yoga Alliance. She lives in Town & Country, MO with her husband and two children.


Partners & Clients

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