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A Natural Connection - Yoga and Nature

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Spending time outside in nature automatically triggers sensations of joy, relaxation and general mindfulness. When we get closer to nature, whether it is in a forest, local park or a backyard, we just feel better. According to Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, our health relies on our ability to be in harmony and balance with nature. Nature, by its very essence, is our original remedy for stress reduction and improved happiness. Yoga and nature in many ways are a perfect combination.

Why not take advantage of the change of season this spring and revitalize your yoga practice outdoors.

Nature can invigorate and inspire your yoga practice. Here are some of the reasons we love to practice outside:

  • Feeling the earth beneath your feet which literally grounds you

  • The varying surfaces of an outdoor practice will strengthen your feet, core and balance

  • Look up to the sky and feel the sunshine on your face. Sunshine will boost your mood while offering a hefty dose of Vitamin D

  • Celebrate the fresh air that becomes your breath. Fresh outdoor air actually improves brain function

  • Listen to the wind in the trees and the birds singing. Soundscapes are nature’s medicine as they reduce stress and boost positive emotions.

Lastly, practicing yoga outside brings joy into your yoga practice. It is easier to let the idea of perfection go when practicing outside in nature. You get out of your busy head and more easily transition into the moment.

Outdoor yoga offers a great way to connect with nature and your yoga practice.

** Sara Clem of Salveo Yoga is a Certified Yoga instructor and Forest Bathing guide. Salveo Yoga offers a wide range of nature-based yoga and wellness programs.

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