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Find Your Zen In the Garden

Updated: Apr 21

"A butterfly, which when pursued, seems always just beyond your grasp; but if you sit down quietly, may alight upon you." -Nathaniel Hawthorne

For many of us, a kind of magic arises in the garden. Spending time in a quiet garden can help you regain inner balance and perspective. By its very nature, gardening forces us to slow down. The hard edges of life seem to soften as we dig in the dirt. Focusing our awareness on the present moment while working in the soil and tending to the plants allows us to notice all of the shapes, colors, textures and scents that surround us as we immerse ourselves in nature. Gardening nourishes our MIND, BODY SPIRIT.


I love to garden because it is an act of hope. Taking care of a garden is a great way to step outside of ourselves and is an opportunity to connect directly to nature. Gardening can be very meditative as well, providing us with a moment in time to just be and exist alone with our thoughts.

Gardening is a mindful activity according to Jon Kabat-Zinn, Author of 'Mindfulness for Beginners'. Kabat-Zinn states, “Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.”

When gardening, you have to be mindful of where the plants are placed. Is there room to grow? Will they get enough sunlight? You connect with nature and the present moment through decisions and actions...thus, you are practicing mindfulness.


Spending time outside in the garden does the body good. Gardening is a great form of exercise offering endurance, flexibility, and strength. It is physically grounding by nature. Spending time cultivating and maintaining a garden, digging our hands in the dirt and making a physical connection to the earth is very grounding. In addition, the repetitive motions of digging, weeding, and tilling a garden can also be very meditative and calming.


“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in tune once more.”

~ John Burroughs

The garden possesses a connection to all living things. Having to care for plants is a good way to learn to look after and respect other living things and develop an appreciation of the magic of nature. Gardening encourages us to exercise and spend time outdoors, both activities elevate our moods and reduce stress.

Remember, what is good for the body is also good for the mind. If you are not a gardener already, consider giving gardening a try. It is a great way to uplift your spirit and it gives you a sense of well-being.

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