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Fall In Love With Outdoor Yoga

Cooler weather doesn’t have to stop you from taking your yoga practice outside. In fact, we believe practicing yoga outside, especially in cooler temps, offers many new opportunities to revitalize your yoga practice and connect to nature. Time spent outside automatically triggers sensations of joy, relaxation and general mindfulness. Surrounding ourselves in nature can help to invigorate and inspire us, bringing new insights to all elements of our life and our yoga practice.

I have been practicing yoga outside for over 15 years. Each season offers its own unique qualities. The Fall and Winter months can be absolutely beautiful, inspiring a sense of awe throughout the practice. This aspect alone is a reason to step outside and embrace the cooler temps. Studies show the visual elements found in nature that inspire us also promote kindness, happiness and a sense of connection, allowing our minds an opportunity to rest from the daily stressors of life.

The cooler temps, uneven surfaces and even snow can offer some physical challenges as you practice outside, but it offers a perfect metaphor for life. Reminding us to stay flexible, calm and centered despite the challenges.

Ready to take your practice outdoors? Since we are dealing with the elements, here are some simple tips to keep you warm in your cool weather practices.

Sip on something warm. Drinking warm water & lemon or herbal tea before practice will help warm you from the inside.

Dress In Layers. Wear the correct clothing and wear a hat, keep the heat from escaping your body.

Reach for the Sun! By raising your arms upward, you are increasing your heart rate and creating heat in the body.

Practice Sun Salutations. Sun Salutations are designed to cultivate heat within the body

Use Your Breath Ujjayi is a heated breath that helps with focus. This warming audible breath helps the mind and the body escape the cold chill.

Lastly, practicing outside brings joy into your yoga practice, you let the idea of perfection go when practicing outside in the cooler temps and become more connected to your body. Celebrate movement and find joy in what you can do as you embrace the change of seasons.

For more information on our current outdoor programs and Yoga In The Barn, please use the link provided.

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