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~ Exposure to forests boosts your immune system

~ Just being around trees lowers your blood pressure and enhances your mood

~ Children who are regularly exposed to natural outdoor environments see a reduction in attention fatigue

~ Simply taking a walk outdoors enhances our ability to focus

Forest Trees

Peace Tree Programs - Longview Farm Park


Outdoor Yoga Classes - Register HERE!


Nature is calling! Enjoy your yoga practice in the tranquil setting under the trees as you connect with the sounds of nature in beautiful Longview Farm Park. Time spent outside automatically triggers sensations of joy, relaxation and general mindfulness. Surrounding ourselves in nature can help to invigorate and inspire us, bringing new insights to our yoga practice and its connection to nature.


Sara Cem, of Salveo Yoga has been offering a variety of outdoor yoga class options for the past 8 years. If this is your first time on the mat or a practicing yogi you will find a class that will connect with you.

Benefits of this program: Movement, Mindfulness, Stress-relieve, Strength & Flexibility Health. Well-Being



Woga (Yoga/Nature Walk) - Register HERE!


An original class designed specifically to blend three activities we believe will have a positive impact on your physical and mental health...walking, yoga and nature. Woga is now available at Longview Farm Park every Monday morning. See a video here.

 - Well-being with Nature Workshop 


This workshop explores the healing powers of nature for both our physical and mental health. Using science as our guide, we will discuss the benefits of the nature connection and offer tools and guidance to support a healthier lifestyle. 


This workshop is led by Sara Clem, certified in Shinrin Yoku - Forest Bathing

Benefits of this program: Health, Happiness, Stress-Reduction, Mindfulness, Wellness, Educational


 - Intro to Forest Bathing - Mindful Nature Walk


Come and learn about the health and wellness benefits of shinrin-yoku, also known as "forest bathing." Scientific research supports ancient wisdom that time spent in forests can have a direct, measurable and profound effect on our mental health and physical well-being.


“Forest Bathing” is a guided, meditative and sensory nature walk that is designed to help you slow down and immerse yourself in nature.


Grab your comfortable walking shoes and join certified “Forest Bather” Sara Clem as she guides you through an intentional series of invitations and reflections.

This walk is considered welcoming and accessible for most adults and mature youth. However, there are varying elevations and diverse terrain.

Benefits of this program: Walking, Mental Health, Mindfulness, Stress-Relieve, Wellness, Wellbeing, Educational

 - A Natural Fit - Kids and Nature Workshop


Spending time outdoors, especially in green spaces, is one of the fastest ways to improve our children’s health and happiness. Nature, outdoor play, mindfulness and yoga movement all offer a natural bridge to health, happiness, connection and calm. This workshop is designed to give parents and caregivers tools to introduce nature-based activities that spark cognitive growth, movement, problems solving, mindfulness and stress management.

This program will be led by Sara Clem,  a certified children’s yoga and mindfulness instructor and forest bathing guide who has been working in schools for the past eight years.

This 1-hour program will be followed by Q & A. All participants will receive 4-nature based mindful activities.

Benefits of this program: Designed to offer tools to support emotional and physical well being of a child, offer techniques to reduce anxiety, to support learning, and to build  self-confidence, resilience and connection.

Family & Kids

Nature, mindfulness and yoga movement all offer a natural bridge to health, happiness, connection and calm.

Peace Tree  offers a bridge to learning rooted in nature, mindfulness and yoga movement. Our family yoga programs are designed to spark curiosity in learning, while offering tools to support the emotional, physical and social well-being of a child. Each class is designed to help children build their self-esteem and self-confidence as they make a mindful connection to the world around them, while still having a lot of fun.


 - Migration of the Monarch Butterfly - Finding Reliance in Nature

Become a Yoga Explorer in this educational and animated yoga class, learning about the migration of the monarch butterfly. Butterflies are faced with many obstacles during their migration, in this class we will discuss dealing with obstacles and challenges while having fun exploring yoga movement and mindful tools. Class will end with a mindful craft reflective of the class theme.

 - My Many Colored Days - Exploring our Moods through Nature

It takes millions of rain droplets to make a rainbow. In this educational and animated yoga class we will paint a rainbow, as we discuss changing moods and feelings, taking inspiration from "My Many Colored Days" by Dr. Seuss. Playful yoga movement and mindfulness tools will guide us as we cover topics such as words and actions. What is a friend? What do you look for in a friend and how to celebrate each person's uniqueness with kind hearts, kind words and thoughts. Class will end with a mindful craft reflective of the class theme.


 - A Trip to The Zoo - Celebrating You

Can you slither like or snake? Can you roar like a lion? Students will jump on their magical yoga mats and take an imaginary trip to the zoo. This educational and animated yoga class will have children growling and howling as they spend a day as their favorite animal at the zoo. All while learning it is better just "to be me" !


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